Saving Salmon
Saving Salmon
Inspiring the next generation of Atlantic Salmon conservationists

"At times on our journey, I thought of how magnificent it would be if the river would simply keep flowing forever, an eternal tapestry of wonder and experience."


Saving Salmon. It’s all in the name, really. We love Atlantic salmon and are fighting hard to keep the magic alive. With the combined talents of photographer Nick Hawkins and writer Tom Cheney, our stories showcase the singular grace of Atlantic salmon, along with the excitement of angling for them. Seeking the monarch of sport fish in its wild habitat is the pinnacle of outdoor adventure. We’re motivating more people to take up a salmon rod, and thereby helping to create the next generation of impassioned conservationists.


Tom Cheney is a specialist in ecological and political philosophy. Building on an interest in ecological aesthetics, his writing strives to inspire conservation by evoking the beauty and meaning inherent in the natural world. In addition to various academic publications, his work has appeared in the Atlantic Salmon Journal and has twice been nominated for an Atlantic Journalism Award. His article "Sons of the River" received a gold award at the 2017 Atlantic Journalism Awards. His work can be found at


Nick Hawkins has been fishing for Atlantic salmon since he was 6 years old. He is trained as a biologist and now works as an assignment photographer in Canada as well as South and Central America. With his images, Nick hopes to inspire people to care for ecosystems and the species they hold. His work has appeared in the Atlantic Salmon Journal, Canadian Geographic, BBC Wildlife Magazine, as well as Canadian Wildlife Magazine. He was featured in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest in 2014. Nick is a member of the Sea Legacy collective and International League of Conservation Photographers. His work can been seen at