Cover of Atlantic Salmon Journal Spring 2018

This week we received the Spring 2018 issue of the Atlantic Salmon Journal and were happy to see our image on the cover (and on the p. 8-9 spread). We’re excited to say that there’s lots more to come. In the Summer issue, you’ll get to hear about our adventure in the Gaspé peninsula last fall. We saw some incredible scenery, had a few memorable wildlife encounters, and got to know a new and different salmon country. 


And, of course, we got right in the water and produced some of the most extraordinary underwater salmon images yet. Our time with those fish was nothing short of life-changing. The hens were almost bursting with eggs and the males chased each other aggressively around the pool. Spending some time in their world, we came to a whole new appreciation of wild Atlantic salmon. Stay tuned for the next issue of the ASJ, in which you can read the full story and see more unforgettable images.

Nick HawkinsComment