We’re the voice for the next generation of Atlantic salmon anglers and conservationists. As the iconic species declines, so does the number of anglers. We know the story of Atlantic salmon doesn’t have to be a tragic one. But we also know that to keep the species — and the sport — alive, more people have to get hooked. 

We offer the perspective of an expert in ecological philosophy as well as that of a celebrated wildlife photographer. (You can read more about us here.) With our complementary skillsets, along with a combined salmon angling experience that exceeds four decades, it’s clear that we’re well-equipped to show salmon fishing for everything that it can be. 

What are we going to do?

It goes without saying: we’re going to go to beautiful places, catch big salmon, and make the whole thing look really fun and cool. But we’re not the first to that game, and so our work offers something additional: a look at the more reflective side.

It’s the meaning we find in salmon fishing that’s the ultimate source of our passion for conservation. As such, our work asks some harder questions: What is our relationship to the species? What inherent value do Atlantic salmon hold? What do they tell us about ourselves? Why do we cherish our time on the water so powerfully?

Our work showcases Atlantic salmon, the spectacular places they’re found, and the rich experience of angling for them. Salmon fishing offers so much: excitement, challenge, adventure, fulfillment, contemplation, and above all, a profound sense of our place in nature. Illustrating the many and complex dimensions of the sport, we want to make salmon angling — and conservation — appealing to a new and wider audience. 

What can you do?

We hope what you see and read here inspires you to pick up a rod and get out on the water. And if you’ve already got the bug, we’re offering plenty of reasons to get involved in important conservation work. 

While you’re here, be sure to have a look at our stunning photos and footage of wild salmon. You can also read some of our previously published work. And don’t forget to follow our Instagram feed for regular updates! 

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